It’s fun to take a pretty simple outfit, in this case creamy lace shorts and a chambray shirt, and dress it up a bit with some fun accessories. I mean that’s half the fun of being a girl after all.


Fun jewelry. Gold and Rhinestones


Super fun printed shades.

I’m usually pretty pikey when it comes to sunglasses (bc I wear RX) But these were just too cure to pass up and a bargain!

Glasses and rings and bracelet came from Versona, a new accessory shop we got in town…I’m in love with it!

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Baby Update!


It seems like its been forever since I have done any updated pictures of the girlies. They are growing like weeds and are everywhere and in everything! So finding time to take any “real” pictures is tuff.

So this is a quick shot of our little athletes in their athletic clothes. They both really think they’re something wearing their shoes. They just run around the house as fast as they can…gee!



Bostyn and Blakely are also now drinking out of real cups…with straws of course. Not all the time, but for “special” drinks….like smoothies and such. I whipped up a super easy chocolate, peanut butter and banana smoothies that they just loved.

Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Banana Smoothie

1 Banana

1 Cup Vanilla Unsweeted Almond Milk

2 Tbs of Splenda

2 Cups of Crushed Ice

2 Tbs of Cocoa

2 Tbs Peanut Butter

**Put all ingredients in Blender and Viola!**



We found some cute little sunglasses on sale at Babies R Us a few days ago and have totally been enjoying wearing them in the car. (They’re also really fun to chew on.)

So that’s that’s….a quick update on the girls. They are truly turning into beautiful little toddlers. Bostyn is still a super girlie girl, loving babies and pursed and to pretend cook. Blakely is a total lover of shoes (which she must get from me) and tires to figure out how to do and get into everything. They both love being in the water…Blakely is a bit more brave, but Bostyn follows along pretty quickly. They are the most wonderful blessings…So proud to me their momma!

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Healthy Oat Topped Peach Cobbler


With summer coming to and end…:( , we are taking every opportunity to use the delicious fresh fruits while we still can. This yummy peach cobbler is not only delicious, but also pretty darn healthy!

Oat Topped Peach Cobbler

1 peach sliced

1 tsp Splenda

2TBS Old Fashioned Oats

2 TBS Flour

1 TBS Splenda

2 TBS Milk

** Place Peaches in small ramekin and sprinkle with teaspoon of splenda. Then mix oats, flour, milk, splenda and place on top of peaches. I also added alittle cinnamon to taste. Microwave for 1 minute.**


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Girls Night Out!


Yay for Bachelorette Parties!

I am so, so, so happy for my dear sweet little friend, Ashley. She has truly met the perfect guy for her and I could not be more excited to share in this fabulous time with her. She is so special to me, she’s one of those who can always make you smile and most of the time you question how you can be friends with someone as crazy as her.


For her fun bachelorette party, we decided to take a trip to Oklahoma City for some pool time, good food, lots of drinks, a lingerie shower, and the dealing piano bar. It was such a great trip, lots of fun ladies. Now I can’t wait to get back together with these girls for the wedding. Whoot!

For the lingerie shower, I offered to make the cake. I was just going to make something small, but when I heard that a few more ladies were going, it gave me a good excuse to decorate some cupcakes too!




As you can see it was super girlie. the cupcakes were topped with topper that had little black dresses, purses, stilettos and makeup! The cake itself was devoted to the lady of the weekend, a little black dress wearing bride with a diamond ring and a martini.


Note** These were the pictures that were safe to show….Yikes…it got a little wild!**

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Sweet Little Baby Shower Cake


I had the privilege of make a sweet little baby shower cake for a cute as can be expecting mommy. The colors were navy and hot pink, so we went with stripes and polka dots….unfortunately, this did not scream baby shower to me. So, I made a cute prego lady cake topper to go on top. This was my first attempt at this, so she is definitely NOT perfect, but I thought she turned out pretty cute and can’t wait to make a few more of these toppers. The cake it self was strawberry with pink champagne buttercream. I made it and dropped it of Friday before the shower Saturday and it looks like the buttercream was alittle too soft so the cake smooshed down a little bit under the fondant. Bummer…(note to self-make sure to use tuff buttercream). Anyway, I just thought I would share some pictures. I am by no means a cake gu-ru, but it is fun and I enjoy making them….I guess it tickles my  creative bone!



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