Baby Update!


It seems like its been forever since I have done any updated pictures of the girlies. They are growing like weeds and are everywhere and in everything! So finding time to take any “real” pictures is tuff.

So this is a quick shot of our little athletes in their athletic clothes. They both really think they’re something wearing their shoes. They just run around the house as fast as they can…gee!



Bostyn and Blakely are also now drinking out of real cups…with straws of course. Not all the time, but for “special” drinks….like smoothies and such. I whipped up a super easy chocolate, peanut butter and banana smoothies that they just loved.

Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Banana Smoothie

1 Banana

1 Cup Vanilla Unsweeted Almond Milk

2 Tbs of Splenda

2 Cups of Crushed Ice

2 Tbs of Cocoa

2 Tbs Peanut Butter

**Put all ingredients in Blender and Viola!**



We found some cute little sunglasses on sale at Babies R Us a few days ago and have totally been enjoying wearing them in the car. (They’re also really fun to chew on.)

So that’s that’s….a quick update on the girls. They are truly turning into beautiful little toddlers. Bostyn is still a super girlie girl, loving babies and pursed and to pretend cook. Blakely is a total lover of shoes (which she must get from me) and tires to figure out how to do and get into everything. They both love being in the water…Blakely is a bit more brave, but Bostyn follows along pretty quickly. They are the most wonderful blessings…So proud to me their momma!

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