Girls Night Out!


Yay for Bachelorette Parties!

I am so, so, so happy for my dear sweet little friend, Ashley. She has truly met the perfect guy for her and I could not be more excited to share in this fabulous time with her. She is so special to me, she’s one of those who can always make you smile and most of the time you question how you can be friends with someone as crazy as her.


For her fun bachelorette party, we decided to take a trip to Oklahoma City for some pool time, good food, lots of drinks, a lingerie shower, and the dealing piano bar. It was such a great trip, lots of fun ladies. Now I can’t wait to get back together with these girls for the wedding. Whoot!

For the lingerie shower, I offered to make the cake. I was just going to make something small, but when I heard that a few more ladies were going, it gave me a good excuse to decorate some cupcakes too!




As you can see it was super girlie. the cupcakes were topped with topper that had little black dresses, purses, stilettos and makeup! The cake itself was devoted to the lady of the weekend, a little black dress wearing bride with a diamond ring and a martini.


Note** These were the pictures that were safe to show….Yikes…it got a little wild!**

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