Healthy Eats

Today I am going to share some things I love. Usually that would mean shoes, clothes, purses, jewelry and makeup. But, I also love some healthy things that have made eating  a healthier diet a little more enjoyable and convenient.

For the most part, Corey and I try to eat some what healthy. I have found that having certain things on hand helps to keep me from reaching for a donut or pizza slice. These are just a few things that we like to always have on hand.


Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a huge sweet tooth. Cookies,candy, cake, brownies….you name it. I love it. I have found that even the healthiest versions of these things have a fairly high calorie count. So, I try to save those for special occasions and stick with these for a nightly indulgence. Artic Zero comes in lots of yummy flavors and are only 35 or 75 calories a serving. So essentially you can sit down and eat the entire pint for less  calories than a couple of cookies. Pretty good!!! I suggest that you pull them out of the freezer about 10-15 minutes before you want to eat them. This way they are softer and taste a lot more creamy. If straight out of the freezer they are a bit harder.


Another great thing to have on hand when you have a severe sweet tooth is fruit. These are just a few things that we have in the fridge at the moment. But we also love berries and melons as well. They make for a quick easy snack with pretty low calories and lots of great vitamins. Also, I am the worlds worst at drinking water. I have found that by squeezing a little lime or lemon in my water, whether hot or cold, makes it much easier to drink.


More snacks. I love having yogurt on hand. It is a great healthy option. I personally love the Dannon Light and Fit brand the most. They come in all kinds of great flavors and are super low in calories as well. My personally favs are the Whips Vanilla Cupcake and Greek Black Cherry. Apple sauce is another favorite of mine. I love getting the unsweetened version and sprinkling a little apple pie spice of cinnamon on top to jazz it up a bit. Skinny Cow makes tons of great and convenient snacks. They totally can take the place of a Snickers bar with at least have of the calories.


Eggs and tuna,….yum, right? We love eggs at our house. They are great for scrambles and omelets as well as a salad topper when hard boiled. They are high in protein and fairly low in calories. Canned tuna is also a great pantry staple. It is great on top of a salad as well as on a sandwich. (ps – using Sara Lee 45 calorie bread makes for a great low cal lunch)


Finally veggies!!! I love to have tons of different choices on hand. We like to have either a sweet potatoes of some form of squash to replace the need for a starch or carb. We also  usually have a salad with our meal if not as our meal. This helps fill you up and is a great source of vitamins. Lately we have been enjoying salsa, both red and green, on our salad instead of dressing. Not only do we like it better, but it is also much lower in calories. Their are some really fun options to try as well.

Ok, so here is my disclaimer. I am in no way a health expert, nor do I claim to be. I am just a momma/wife sharing some tips that have helped us be more healthy than not.


Here’s an example of how I use some of the above ingredients to make a pretty filling supper.

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