Mini Pancakes


With the girls, it seems like anything mini is great! Mini corn dogs, mini cookies,….so why not mini pancakes.(Also called silver dollar pancakes) I made these for the girls and they loved them, and why not…they could pick them up and eat them themselves instead of me having to cut them up into little pieces. I have also found that it is much easier (and less messy) to make pancakes or waffles that are flavored rather than having to pour sticky syrup on them. At this point they still eat with their hands for the most part, so this avoids big messes.

For this little nuggets, I just used the whole wheat just add water pancake mix. I added chocolate chips in half and sprinkles to make funfetti pancakes in the other half. Next time I will stick with the sprinkles, they tasted great and had little mess at all.

Mini Pancakes

Whole Wheat Pancake Mix(I used the just add water kind)

Sprinkles of Choice

Chocolate Chips

**Cook as directed on box, just make them smaller**


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