Peaches &Cream Stuffed French Toast


Recently, I have seen tons of pins on Pintrest that are Peaches & Cream.YUM!  So, I had a couple of peaches that were a little over ripe…perfect for some stuffed French toast.

Peaches & Cream Stuffed French Toast

4 Slices of Bread (Any type is fine. I used Sara Lee 45 Calorie Wheat)

1 Egg

1/2 Cup Milk

1 tsp Vanilla

Dash of Cinnamon

3 TBSP Cream Cheese(I used cream cheeses spread)

1 TBSP of Sweetener (I used Splenda)

1 Peach sliced thinly

** Spray hot Panini press with non stick spray. Spread cream cheese on all four pieces of bread. Then Sprinkle splenda on top of cream cheese. Put sliced peaches on 2 of the pieces of bread and close to make 2 sandwiches. To make egg mixture, wisk one egg and milk with vanilla and cinnamon. Then did each side of sandwich in egg mixture and place on Panini press. Let cook until desired color. Cut in half and serve with whipped cream.**

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