Sweet Little Baby Shower Cake


I had the privilege of make a sweet little baby shower cake for a cute as can be expecting mommy. The colors were navy and hot pink, so we went with stripes and polka dots….unfortunately, this did not scream baby shower to me. So, I made a cute prego lady cake topper to go on top. This was my first attempt at this, so she is definitely NOT perfect, but I thought she turned out pretty cute and can’t wait to make a few more of these toppers. The cake it self was strawberry with pink champagne buttercream. I made it and dropped it of Friday before the shower Saturday and it looks like the buttercream was alittle too soft so the cake smooshed down a little bit under the fondant. Bummer…(note to self-make sure to use tuff buttercream). Anyway, I just thought I would share some pictures. I am by no means a cake gu-ru, but it is fun and I enjoy making them….I guess it tickles my  creative bone!



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